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Hi there! I am a Dallas based Catholic girl - with a passion for Christ & writing. Here to help you grow in your faith and help make your life a love letter to God.

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Why Love Letter To God?

Love Letter To God was created to help Catholic women get closer to God by learning about his unconditional love, faith and grace. Learn how to walk with faith and be proud of being a Catholic girl in this crazy world.

Meet Luna

Welcome! My name is Luna, and this is the place where I write and share my heart. This blog is a love letter from me to God, and I created it to share His word and His love with other Catholic girls. I invite you to take a look around and I hope you find something here that you can relate, grow, or learn from. May our lives be love letters to God, and let us fill God’s inbox with love letters each and everyday.

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Jesus You Seek When YouDream of Happiness

It Is Jesus You Seek When You Dream of Happiness

We live in a world of hopeless seekers, failing and trying again to fill that emptiness inside of them with everything but God. So many lost souls live their lives looking for the purpose of their lives desperately and the reason for their existence. These are the questions that have laid heavily on humanity’s heart

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