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Jesus You Seek When YouDream of Happiness

It Is Jesus You Seek When You Dream of Happiness

We live in a world of hopeless seekers, failing and trying again to fill that emptiness inside of them with everything but God. So many lost souls live their lives looking for the purpose of their lives desperately and the reason for their existence. These are the questions that have laid heavily on humanity’s heart

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La Cruz de la Victoria

“Nada puede pasarme que Dios no quiera. Y todo lo que Él quiere, por muy malo que nos parezca, es en realidad lo mejor” -St. Tomas Moro Como Católica, leer esta frase es difícil, pero la entiendo porque yo creo que el plan de Dios siempre es lo mejor para mí. Pero para alguien que

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What Does it Mean to Fear The Lord?

What Does it Mean to Fear The Lord? “The fear of God isn’t fear of Him, it’s fear of being without Him.”  -John Bevere Have you ever wondered what does it mean to fear the Lord? In the Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy Pevensie is running around playing with Aslan, who is the representative Jesus figure

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Bible Verse When In Doubt: Fulfill Your Mission

As Christians, we doubt. Don’t we? Didn’t the apostles doubt? “When they saw him, they worshipped, but they doubted.” (Matthew 28:17) The disciples see Jesus after his resurrection and are full of wonder so they worship. But after witnessing the death Jesus suffered, they are afraid and so they doubted in God as well. Sometimes

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what is marian consecration

What is Marian Consecration To Mary? (3 Books Included)

What is Marian Consecration and Entrustment To Mary? During the month of May, we celebrate our mother’s and graduates, delighting in the beauty of life this entire month. But the best celebration of this month of May is by far the 33 days of Marian Consecration, where we unite our hearts to our beautiful Mother

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What Does God Want Me To Do

What Does God Want Me To Do? The Gift Of Today

What Does God Want Me To Do? The Gift Of Today As young Catholic women, we often look to the future and find millions of paths to take. We know we want to follow Jesus, we want to do his Holy Will, but how? What does God want me to do? What does God have

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The Power of Constant Prayer: Consistency is Key

When we think about faith, we might think of beautiful moments with God that touch every part of our beings, holy hours that bring tears to our eyes, moments of fellowship with friends, and so much more. Yet I think sometimes we don’t realize or forget that the only way to truly form a relationship

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Litany of Trust: Trusting God Day By Day

I’d like to be honest. Trusting God can be a bit difficult for me, especially during moments of suffering and heartache. It can be easy to think that God has abandoned us or left us alone, and to fall into anguish and despair. Yet while we are suffering, God is always by our side, pushing

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Hi there! I am a Dallas based Catholic girl - with a passion for Christ & writing. Here to help you grow in your faith and help make your life a love letter to God.

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