What Does God Want Me To Do? The Gift Of Today

What Does God Want Me To Do

What Does God Want Me To Do? The Gift Of Today

As young Catholic women, we often look to the future and find millions of paths to take. We know we want to follow Jesus, we want to do his Holy Will, but how? What does God want me to do? What does God have for me in the future? Where does God want me to go? There are so many routes, so many ways to follow him, so many ways to do his will. It can be disheartening to sit and wonder about the “unknown” future that confuses us so much. Is my current career choice the one I want to follow forever? Am I meant to get married or discern religious life? Is this guy I am currently dating the one I am meant to be with forever? So many questions that pop into our minds that it can get overwhelming to realize that we have the answer to none of those questions.

The truth is we don’t know what will truly happen until it happens. You won’t know if your current major is the one for you unless you try it and learn more. You won’t know if you are meant to be married or called to be a religious sister unless you go out and actively find the answer. You won’t know if he is the one for you if you don’t give him a chance and figure it out through meaningful dating. 

How nice would it be if God told us, “Hey daughter, this is the path you should take! Right here. Simply follow this path I laid out for you, and you will be happy.” He does not give us the answer, yet he gives us something more beautiful and special- he gives us the option to decide. To decide whether we want to follow that career, vocation, and chance. He does not force anything on us and instead he allows us to choose day by day, giving us the option to choose our lives for ourselves.

The Gift of The Present

God gives us the choice. The choice to actively seek his will, learn more about ourselves and in turn learn more about God. God wants all of you. He guides us slowly, inspiring us through his Holy Spirit to begin the journey by taking the first step. 

Don’t know what the best major for you is? Take a diverse set of classes and discover which one your heart feels called to. 

Don’t know what your vocation is? Pray about it, visit religious orders, talk to married couples and ask questions.

Don’t know if that boy you like is the one? Date with purpose, date with courage and allow God to guide you both to the answer. 

God never gives us the direct answer to our questions all at once. He gives us pieces and lets us gather them all until our puzzle is complete, and we have the answer. In the meantime, gather clues, put them together and uncover the truth one day at a time. The best part is that he does not leave us alone! He gives us the Church, the Sacraments, and brings the right people into our lives who can help guide us and encourage us to find our journey. He is there all along, through every experience we encounter, but he never forces us to do anything.

God’s Will Is Happening Now

What can I do now? Today was a gift from God to you. Use it wisely, and use it to find the answers God has waiting for you. His will is working through your life right now, if you let him in and allow him to change you. Let God work through you by preparing your heart for him through sacraments, prayer, and service towards others. His will is being shown to you every day, even if we don’t even realize it. It is being revealed to you through every breath, every word, and every action you do. 

Want to do God’s will in the future? Start by doing it NOW. Every small decision can be added and used for God’s glory and grace. God’s will is you using every breath you make to bring others closer to himself. Not in the distant, unknown future, but NOW. Every small decision you make adds up- the journey is perhaps more important than the destination. 

God might not reveal the answer to your every question today, but he will one day. So prepare your heart for that moment, dive into God’s love now and prepare for the day God calls you to move. One day you will know what your major will be, your vocation, and who your future husband will be. But today is not “one day”, so revel in the present and enjoy the beauty of trusting God today. By doing God’s will today, you will be prepared for the moment that God reveals the mysteries of tomorrow to you.

Love, Luna

P.s check out this video by Father Mike Schmitz to learn more about God’s plan for you!


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