What is Marian Consecration To Mary? (3 Books Included)

what is marian consecration

What is Marian Consecration and Entrustment To Mary?

During the month of May, we celebrate our mother’s and graduates, delighting in the beauty of life this entire month. But the best celebration of this month of May is by far the 33 days of Marian Consecration, where we unite our hearts to our beautiful Mother Mary through consecration prayer. Jesus himself consecrated John to his Mother Mary while he was suffering on the cross, saying “Here is your mother,” to John the Beloved Disciple. To Mary, he said, “Woman, here is your son,” (John 19:26-27). Jesus gave us Mary as our beloved Mother to entrust us in her care, and in turn, we are called to devote our hearts and begin a relationship with the queen of Heaven. 

What is Marian Consecration?

As Catholic women and men, we know that our ultimate goal is reaching our dream home in Heaven. Jesus gave us Mary as our Mother because through her intercession we can reach our ultimate goal. We consecrate our hearts to Mary because through this consecration we allow Mary to intercede for our lives, keep us under her protective mantle, and bring us closer to Christ through her prayers. She is our mother– and like all mothers, they want the best for their children. What could be better than the gift of Jesus? Who knows Jesus better than the incredible woman who carried him in her womb and raised him? 

When Mary hears our “yes”, inviting her to consecrate us to her, she takes us into her loving, Immaculate heart and holds us near to her heart. She begins her holy work inside of us and continues to protect us and guide us constantly forever unless we take back our “yes”. Consecration does not reduce or replace God’s love inside of us, but instead it increases that love because consecration to Mary is ultimately a consecration to God.

3 Books for the consecration to the immaculate heart of mary

If you’re wondering how to do consecration, I have compiled 3 steps you need to take If you want to consecrate yourself to the queen of Heaven, the woman who destroyed the serpent Satan and gave birth to our King, you simply need to desire to love Jesus more. There is no faster way to know Jesus or discover his love than through the power of Mary. There are several resources, tools and guides that help lead you through consecration to Mary. Here are some popular book choices:

  1. Preparation for Total Consecration by St. Louis de Montfort is an introduction to consecration to Mary and an amazing guide for those who wish to consecrate their hearts to Mary. It has been put together by the Company of Mary, which St. Louis founded himself and is the original book written for total consecration to the Heart of Mary. 
  2. Total Consecration to Mary: A Nine-Day Preparation by St. Maximilian Kobe includes a Catechism section for people who want to grow spiritually with Mary and it is simple to understand. It includes the fundamentals of Marian Consecration and invites readers to participate in the sacraments to fulfil the consecration.
  3. 33 Days To Morning Glory by Michael E. Gaitley is a recent book that invites you to 33 days to morning glory consecration prayer following four famous saints with Marian spirituality. Follow the teaching and instruction of St. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximilian Kobe, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, and Blessed John Paul II to complete a “do-it-yourself” retreat to consecrate yourself to Mother Mary.

Following these guides, you can easily embark on a journey to devote yourself to the heart of Mary and begin the journey to sainthood. 

Why should we consecrate ourselves to Mary?

As Catholics, we all know how important and the incredible blessings we receive from praying the rosary and creating a relationship with our Mother. If you struggle to form a relationship and further your love and devotion to Mary, this consecration is a great way to start because you will be able to place yourself directly into her loving hands. 

When you directly say “yes” to a consecration to Mary, you are allowing her to not only work in your life for good, but to help lead you to Jesus. She will help guide us to our ultimate destination– Heaven. To the loving arms of our Lord and Savior, where we will come face to face with Mary and be able to thank her for her love and support throughout our lives. We are so lucky to have the best Mother and best friend to support us here on earth, and so let us unite ourselves to her and grow closer to Jesus through Mary.

What are the benefits of consecration?

Ultimately, as we unite our hearts to Mary, we are uniting our heart to Jesus. I heard a beautiful reflection once saying, “Jesus is the way of life, but who showed Jesus how to walk?” Mary did. Mary carried Jesus in her arms as a baby, she showed him how to talk, she helped him become the man he is. Without Mary saying “yes”,  we would not have had our Savior and Redeemer of the world. She is the ultimate example of a brave, selfless, inspirational woman, and as young Catholic girls we should follow in Mary’s footsteps as she helps lead us to her son. As Father Michael Gaitley says, following Mary’s guidance to Jesus is “the surest, easiest, shortest, and the most perfect means” to become a Saint. 

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