Meet Luna

Hello, I'm Luna!

Hi, friend! My name is Luna and I am a 21-year old Latina who loves diving into fantasy books (Harry Potter is my favorite!), overplaying Taylor Swift songs, and badly singing along to musicals. Sharing my writing with you means so much to me, and I thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I created this blog to help other Catholic girls like me discover God’s unconditional love. I want girls to be proud of their Catholic faith and stand courageously with God in this messy world we live in.

I am a born and raised Texas girl and an adventurer at heart, igniting my love for books, reading and writing. Growing up I found refuge and strength in characters like Hermione Granger, who showed me how to be a little braver and continue moving forward. Creativity flows within me and I fell in love with Jesus in the same way I found myself: through literature and writing. Jesus stole my heart and now, my entire purpose is to share His love. I am now a Spiritual Coordinator in my youth group and love serving in Catholic retreats.  Follow me on social media to follow along!  

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